The LKPR ‘No Comply’ Canadian Maple Headphones ($205) are a hat tip to the skateboarding culture of the 80’s as well as today’s great musicians and songwriters. The No Comply headphones have wooden ear cups, that give you a natural organic feel while providing you a greener alternative to mass produced products. The ear cups are made from hard maple, which are natural noise cancelers due to the woods high density. While the 40mm titanium drivers deliver music the way the artist intended. Additional features include natural leather cups, aircraft-grade aluminum, and RCA plugs for the best possible connection. You can get your ear cups in natural maple, black, ruby, or made from skateboards. That’s right, you can get your ear cups made from one of your own skateboards or use one from LKPR’s skateboard junkyard. Check out their Kickstarter campaign today.