The Tudor Pelagos ($4,000) has been called the poor man’s Rolex, but it is so much more. The Tudor watches are owned and made by Rolex. The primary difference in Rolex and Tudor watches is the movement. Rolex uses an in-house Rolex made movement, while Tudor uses base Swiss ETA movements. Otherwise the Tudor has a lot going for it. The Tudor is the first titanium diver from the Rolex family, it has a 42mm titanium case, pointed crown guards, a matte ceramic bezel, and is?water-resistant to 500 meters. The clasp is spring-loaded and self-adjusting. It expands and contracts based on your movement, which makes the watch extremely comfortable. Because it’s made for diving, it comes with an optional rubber strap and an extended rubber strap that is made to go over a diving suit. The Tudor Pelagos will save you about $4,000 compared to the Submariner. So you’ll need to decide if the use of a different movement and loss of name recognition is worth it. Sadly the Tudor Pelagos is not sold in the United States, but I’ve found some for sale on eBay.